The Big Question: Should You Renovate or Move?

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The last 18 months changed what many buyers are looking for in a home. Recently, the American Institute of Architects released their AIA Home Design Trends Survey results for Q3 2021. The survey reveals the following:

  • 70% of respondents want more outdoor living space
  • 69% of respondents want a home office (48% wanted multiple offices)
  • 46% of respondents want a multi-function room/flexible space
  • 42% of respondents want an au pair/in-law suite
  • 39% of respondents want an exercise room/yoga space

If you’re a homeowner who wants to add any of the above, you have two options: renovate your current house or buy a home that already has the spaces you desire. The decision you make could be determined by factors like:

  1. A possible desire to relocate
  2. The difference in the cost of a renovation versus a purchase
  3. Finding an existing home or designing a new home that has exactly what you want (versus trying to restructure the layout of your current house)

In either case, you’ll need access to capital: the funds for the renovation or the down payment your next home would require. The great news is that the money you need probably already exists in your current home in the form of equity.

Home Equity Is Skyrocketing

The record-setting increases in home prices over the last two years dramatically improved homeowners’ equity. The graph below uses data from CoreLogic to show the average home equity gain in the first quarter of the last nine years:The Big Question: Should You Renovate or Move? | MyKCMOdeta Kushi, Deputy Chief Economist at First American, quantifies the amount of equity homeowners gained recently:

“Remember U.S. households own nearly $35 trillion in owner-occupied real estate, just over $11 trillion in debt, and the remaining ~$24 trillion in equity. In inflation adjusted terms, homeowners in Q2 had an average of $280,000 in equity- a historic high.”

As a mortgage holder, the cash you need to buy the ideal home or revamp your present house might be directly readily available. Notwithstanding, holding on to settle on your choice might build the expense of tapping that value. 

In the event that you choose to remodel, you'll need to renegotiate (or take out a value advance) to get to the value. In the event that you choose to move all things considered and utilize your value as an up front installment, you'll in any case need to contract the leftover distinction between the initial investment and the expense of your next home. 

Home loan rates are estimate to increment throughout the following year. Standing by to use your value will likely mean you'll pay more to do as such. As indicated by the most recent information from the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), practically 57% of current home loan holders have a home loan pace of 4% or underneath. In case you're one of those property holders, you can keep your home loan rate under 4% by doing it now. In case you're one of the 43% of property holders with a home loan rate more than 4%, you might have the option to do a money out renegotiate or purchase a more costly home without fundamentally expanding your regularly scheduled installment.

First Step: Determine the Amount of Equity in Your Home

In case you're prepared to either upgrade your present house or track down a current or recently built home that has all that you need, the primary thing you need to do is decide how much value you have in your present home. To do that, you'll need two things: 

1.The current home loan balance on your home 
2.The current worth of your home 

You can most likely discover the home loan balance on your month to month contract proclamation. To track down the current market worth of your home, you can pay a few many dollars for an evaluation, or you can contact a neighborhood realtor who will actually want to present to you, at no charge, an expert value appraisal report.

Bottom Line

In the event that the beyond year and a half have pulled together your contemplations on what you need from your home, this moment might be the opportunity to either revamp or take action to the ideal home.

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